Mitani Kogyo Company Information


 Since our founding in 1962, we have continually evolved to match the demands of the time and the everchanging needs of our clients. At present, we contribute to the development of industry and society through the following three enterprises:
(1) supporting manufacturing as a wholesaler of industrial chemical products (No. 1 in the Tokai region for recycled chemicals);
(2) producing and selling coal slurries for water treatment and related industrial chemical products (No. 1 market share);
(3) automobile sales and maintenance (aiming to be regional leader).
 These three domains are experiencing rapid growth, and our clients span a variety of industries, from chemicals, building materials, iron and steel to papermaking, automotive, food processing, electronics, and fiber manufacturing.
 We are embracing new challenges, currently making progress on plans to build a new automotive shop. Setting our sights on our 100-year anniversary, we will continue to evolve long into the future.

Corporate Profile

Company Name: Mitani Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Representative: Michiro Mitani, president and representative director
Founding: November 1962 (Showa 37)
Capital: ¥30 million
Clientele: MT AquaPolymer, Inc., Oji Paper Co., Ltd., Oji F-Tex Co., Ltd., Oji Materia Co., Ltd., Omi Mining Co., Ltd., Kawai Lime Co., Ltd., Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., Kyokuyo Co., Ltd., Kuraray Co., Ltd., KOWA Kogyosyo Co., Ltd., Suzuki Motor Corporation, Daiseki Co., Ltd., Taihei Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd., Taiheiyo Cement Corporation, Taki Chemical Co., Ltd., Denso Corporation, Toagosei Co., Ltd., Toa Business Associates, Dupont-Toray Co., Ltd., Toshiba Corporation, Toyota Motor Corporation, Nippon Aqua Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation, and more.

Business Profile

① Industrial chemical sales and environmental enterprise
 Using knowledge acquired through years of research, we deal in industrial chemicals, by-products and recycled materials. We contribute to society and the global environment through deep consideration for our surroundings and our products` unmatched cost performance.
② Coal slurry production and sales
 Coal slurry, the basic agent for industrial water treatment, is a main product for water pollution prevention and purification. Safe, affordable, and easy to use, our products go a long way toward protecting the environment.
③ Automobile maintenance department
 As maintenance professionals for all types of industrial vehicles, we provide top class maintenance services to logistics companies and our clientele. Covering all automotive manufacturers, we offer preventative support measures from the customers' point-of-view. Maintenance, inspection, repair, and paint and body work available for all makes and models.

Company History

1960: Founded as Mitani Shokai.
1962: Establishes Mitani Kogyo Ltd.
1966: Changes name to Mitani Kogyo Co., Ltd. Receives automobile maintenance factory certification.
1972: Builds coal slurry factory in Kasugai City.
1973: Moves automobile maintenance department inside Toagosei's Nagoya factory. Receives automobile maintenance certification from Nagoya Ministry of Transport.
1983: Establishes office and testing center in Kasugai Factory.
1985: Moves headquarters to Sakae, in Nagoya's Naka Ward.
2009: Moves headquarters to current location in Nishiki, Naka Ward.
2011: Installs industrial chemical storage tank in Kasugai Factory.
2018: Installs chemical manufacturing facilities in Kasugai Factory.
2018: Moves headquarters to current location as a part of corporate expansion.
2019: Begins hiring full-time international employees.


Position: Car mechanic and sheet metal painter
Qualifications: Car mechanic level 3 or higher
Monthly Salary: (Vocational school graduate) Basic salary=¥198,600, Certification bonus (Lev. 2)=¥3,500, Total=¥202,100
(College graduate) Basic salary=¥218,200, Certification bonus (Lev. 2)=¥3,500, Total=¥221,700
Benefits: 2 yearly bonuses (July and December), transportation expenses, full social insurance package
Hours: 8:30~17:00 (60 minute break・Plans to change in 2020)
Holidays: Based on company calendar (104 days annually・Planning for 115 days in 2020). Sundays, holidays, summer and winter vacation, Golden Week, paid holidays and special leave.
Access: 3-minute drive, 20-minute walk from 「Daidocho Station」 on the Meitetsu Tokaname Line.